General Information

The first students were enrolled into the German School Windhoek (Deutsche Schule Windhoek) in 1970. The first school year of the new German government school began with 320 students, 13 teachers and Siegfried Wagner as principal, ... and flooding. On the Wednesday night 90 millimetres rain was measured at the new government school in Neserstreet; resulting in the flooding of the lower-lying classrooms.
Because the parents of the new school would only decide on a school uniform later in the year, children came to school without uniforms. All subjects were taught in German, and from Grade 2 up English was taught as a second language. In Grade 5 Afrikaans was added to this.

Since Namibian Independence English and German have been taught parallel to each other and the school name has changed to Delta School Windhoek.

Today the Primary school has 646 students from different language groups. Every grade consists of three classes (2 German and 1 English) up to Grade 5. From Grade 6 onwards the students are integrated and the lessons are presented primarily in English. German-speaking students still take German as a mother tongue, while the other children take it as a foreign language subject. The staff of the school is made up of 29 teachers, 2 secretaries, 1 caretaker, and 7 workers.

All the teachers teach between 34 and 39 lessons a week. In the afternoons, between 16h00 and 17h30, the teachers offer extra-mural activities, at which students are allowed to take part.

The Delta Secondary School is situated in Olympia. See also their website:  Delta Secondary School

Both Delta schools are affiliated to the Delta Verein Windhoek, the parent association of both schools. For more details, see:  Delta Verein Windhoek