Rules and Regulations

GENERAL RULES NB: All school rules apply at all times!

1. We accept any Delta School Windhoek pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 7.
As from Grade 5 all pupils should be able to work independently.

NB. Gr. 1 learners start Day Care in February only.

2. Time: Mondays to Fridays: 12h30-17h30 for Gr. 1 and Gr.2; from 13h10-17h30 for Gr. 3-7.
Holidays, Public Holidays and School Holidays are excluded.

3. Collection Point: Dr. A.B. May Str gate (opened from 16h30 till 17h30). After 17h30, the learners must be collected at the hostel gate. Please do not call or come to school to collect your child from the DSW-Hort between 14:00 and 16:00 as this is regarded as “Study Period”. However, if it is necessary and you wish to pick up your child before 16h00, come to the classroom.

No pupils may leave the School premises without written consent of the parent or legal guardian.

4. Lunch: Parents provide a healthy lunch pack for their own children to be enjoyed after school. However, take note that we do not allow children to consume cool drinks, juice and sweets at Hort.


1. Fees: Payment must be done during the first five (5) days of the month IN ADVANCE!!!
N$ 800.00 for the first child per month
N$ 600.00 for the second, third or more children per month
January only ½
February up to November in full
December free of charge.

Payments per child per month either in cash at the school secretariat or by EFT transfer to the specified bank account as follows:


Branch Code: 483 872 / Maerua Mall
Account No: 800 4657 225 / Cheque Acc.
Ref: Name and Grade of learner
Fax: 061- 220916 / E- mail: billing@delta-school.com

NB: Please do not pay this money into the DSW - School Fees account

2. It is strongly advisable that the enrolment of a child for DSW Day Care is done for the whole year as such steadiness is in the best interests of the child.

3. If, however, you wish to terminate your child’s place at DSW Day Care, you must provide a one-month written notice in advance. In case of termination, please take note that your child will not be allowed to return to our Day Care later again.

INFORMATION regarding the procedures at the DSW-Hort

1. The DSW-Hort is an afternoon day-care-centre which should not be seen as a private lesson institution or remedial centre. We help learners with their homework and we see that all the work is done.

2. At Day care, we have very committed and responsible teachers, who will give their full attention to all learners and supervise their homework. However, this does not replace the responsibility of the parents regarding their parental assistance with homework and school projects, especially those involving use of the Internet. The advantage of parental assistance is that parents do not lose track of the child’s progress and performance.

3. We also provide assistance with German homework as we have German speaking teachers.

4. if a learner struggles with a certain subject, we can give him/her more individual attention on Fridays.

5. The DSW-Hort has been established to assist parents by taking care of the pupils in the afternoon and not to facilitate learners with their learning difficulties, psychological concerns, etc.

6. DSW-Hort does not transport pupils to the various activities. Extra-mural activities offered by the school will be cared for by the staff of the DSW-Hort.

7. Each pupil must have his or her own school requirements, stationery and an extra exercise-book for Day Care to do his or her own work.

8. DSW-Hort must be informed whether a child is not attending or is sick. Sick children should not be sent to the DSW-Hort. Pupils with contagious illnesses (also within the family) must not visit the DSW-Hort.

9. If your child attends any extra-mural class outside DSW premises, you shoulkd notify us in writing indicating the days and time of such classes.

10. Items belonging to the DSW-Hort, school or hostel may not be removed or damaged. Clothing, bags, lunchboxes, etc. must be clearly marked with the name of the child. Forgotten or found items can only be returned if the child’s name appears on the items. Experience has proven that lost items pile up at school and are hardly ever collected.

11. The school and its staff members cannot be held responsible for any personal or third party damage. It is therefore advisable for parents to sign the Letter of Consent. The school and its staff will do everything in their power to act responsibly.

12. Unacceptable behaviour of a child as well as non-compliance of the rules and regulations (bad payment morality, unpunctual collecting of the child, etc.) on the part of the parents can lead to the exclusion of the child from the DSW-Hort.