Subject Choices

The school day begins at 7h20 and breaks up at 13h05. A school week (Monday to Friday) is made up of 39 lessons, each 40 minutes long.

It is compulsory for all students to take English and German as a subject from Grade 1. Non-German speaking students take German as a foreign language.

The following subjects are compulsary as well: Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Studies, Religion, Physical Education, Library, Computer, Art and Music.

Up to the end of Grade 3 all students are taught in their mother tongue. The 4th Grade is a bridging year in which still a lot of German is spoken, but students are familiarised with the English terminology in the various subjects. From Grade 5 onwards the English and German classes are integrated and the lessons take place mainly in English.

From Grade 1 onwards all students have Computer lessons once a week. Here they learn how to handle a computer and how to use the following programmes: Word, Excel, Coral Draw, Encarta Virtual Globe, and Bertelsmann Lexika.